Sunday, January 21, 2007

Biomimicry --- Scaly Anteater

It is a conceptual program inspired by scaly anteater, armadillo, lizard and many other scaly animals. In this project, I tried to imitate the movements of these animals but only concentrated on the relation between their skin and scales. I tried several rough models. Then, I understood that only skin and scales are not enough, so I needed to add something into my models which can act as muscles. Therefore, my final decision was that I developed the structure of the scales, dividing them into two sections, one represents the scale which is the same with my original idea, and the other one represents the muscle, which allowed me to make an extra link to another scale. Hence, the movements of scales will affect each other and become a group of chain reaction scales. I am so excited that the model acts pretty well. Especially when the net is twisted, you can observe some subtle changes of color and shadow among the scales.

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